Inside Wiring Assurance

Straight Talk Assurance is an Inside Wiring (IW) Insurance Plan "Add-On" available to Residential and Business Straight Talk products.

What it does cover: Straight Talk Assurance offers complete diagnosis of your inside wiring problem and repairs to existing inside wiring and jacks by trained technicians for a monthly fee. Bell truck rolls and acceptable IW repairs will be done without additional charge. There is a 30-day waiting period, from activation, before coverage goes into effect and a 6-month term once service is activated. Straight Talk Assurance can cover active Newroads telephone service and will repair issues caused by failures from "wear & tear", and normal acceptable usage. Problems with any telephone network service lines, are always fixed free of charge, regardless of Service Assurance. IW repairs will be chargeable if Service Assurance is not on the line. The DMARC, or NID, is the point at which Newroads is responsible to provide working telephone service. Any problems on the customer side of the DMARC are defined as Inside Wiring issues.

What it does "not" cover: Straight Talk Assurance does not cover the following situations: Repairs to wire damaged by natural disaster, flood, wind, earthquake, riot, acts of war, gross negligence, willful damage, vandalism, or destruction by fire. Straight Talk Assurance coverage applies to working service on an active Newroads telephone line. Service Assurance does not cover problems or dispatches resulting from faulty equipment. It does not cover trouble with telephone equipment, nor does it cover installation of new or additional wires or jacks.

Pricing: Monthly price for Straight Talk Assurance: $4.95 per Month.
Without Service Assurance repair of inside wiring: $105.00 per hour.
Without Service Assurance, a truck roll fee for a SBC tech to check
for trouble to DMARC is: $40.00 service charge